Monday, 27 February 2012

Oscars 2012 - The Awards

So, The Artist was the big winner and I'm actually really pleased. I was hearing a lot of criticism from those around me (namely my family who haven't even seen it because it's "in black and white with no words") about The Oscars being too predictable because The Artist walking away with the biggy was a shoo-in, but who cares? It wasn't because people were jumping on the bandwagon, but because it was the best film of the year. Admittedly I haven't seen all the best pic nominees, I regrettably missed Hugo at the cinemas, but I think it's pretty incredible that a black and white silent film can still charm a 21st Century audience's heart, especially when we're constantly being bombarded with 3D all the time. This film isn't going to spur a new wave of silent films, but it truly deserves to be rewarded for bringing something different to the table that it is brilliant in its own right.

C'est formidable!

Jean Dujardin wins Best Actor - His smile said everything; not only does he have a great name, but doesn't this man seem so lovely? You could tell that he, along with his other French co-stars, were genuinely ecstatic to be there and even though I've now found a love for Mr. Clooney, I'm pleased the Academy didn't give to "Hollywood Royalty". Apparently, he's the first French actor to get an Oscar, which makes his win even better.

Octavia Spencer wins Best Supporting Actress - Now, I'm sure she's great in The Help, but from what I've seen, it seemed like the predictable Oscar-winning performance. I knew it never would have have happened, but I was secretly rooting for Melissa McCarthy who was just brilliantly funny in Bridesmaids. At least she was nominated though, as comedic performances can tend to get overlooked; I'm thinking James Franco in Pineapple Express and Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover. 

Meryl Streep wins Best Actress - I can't really say much because I haven't seen this performance, but this woman has such class. I just adore her. I do love Michelle Williams too, but I'm sure she'll get another shot to take away the golden statue. 

Films I still need to see from this year's Oscars: Hugo, Moneyball, The Help, The Iron Lady, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (just to see if it really is that bad) and My Week with Marilyn 

P.S Thought Billy Crystal was brilliant. 

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